Balaton Property

Lake Balaton is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Hungary.

The beautiful lake is located in the west of Hungary and is the largest lake in Central and Eastern Europe. It is also called the "Hungarian Sea" by the Hungarian people. Lake Balaton covers an area of around 592 km² and has about 296 kilometers of coastlines. A pearl of water!
Because of its mild climate, Lake Balaton is the ideal place for many Hungarians but also for a large number of foreign tourists. The temperature is never too hot, as you can experience in countries like Spain, Italy or Greece. The sunny and mild climate, combined with a few wet days, is also the ideal habitat for extensive Hungarian vineyards, which produce deliciously tasty and well-known wines.

If you plan to buy a house at Lake Balaton in Hungary, there is plenty of choice, but whatever you are going to buy, it is important that it is all neatly handled. We can take care of everything. The sales and services are arranged by the Hungarians (talking English or German). A big advantage for you as a buyer because it not only gives you the advantage of arranging the contract, but also help with the transfer of electricity, water etc. They help you. They know the way and do this more often. Therefore choose a reputable party such as Balaton Property.

My name is Jacob de Boer and I will be your contact person. I run the website and give all kind of information, but the sale and handling is entirely controlled by the Hungarian agents. We bring you offerings around Lake Balaton from

Can you buy in Hungary?
Please check out the buying procedure to see if there is an oppurtunity for you to buy in Hungary. Not everyone is allowed to buy. Also good to know that buyign a house does not give you any permanent residence or so. Also no right for a VISA.

Buying Process
In general buying in Hungary is no problem for EU-citizens. In the EU is agreed that everyone can buy in all Member States. Obviously there are some exceptions (eg wine houses and large land areas), but generally you can purchase everything we have on the website.

First step can be going to Hungary and meet with the lawyer. If you want to buy, you can start the purchase process if you are in Hungary, but can also be arranged when you return home. Through the mail and the post much can been done. Here you can read more on the buying process.

Contact us
You are very welcome to pay us a visit. Just send us a mail and we will arrange a meeting.

We operate by appointment only. Our team is delighted to help you realize your "dream at Lake Balaton". If you have any questions about rules and regulations, investments or anything else, please don't hesitate to contact us.

You can call Jacob de Boer (english speaking) every day between 9:00 and 20:00 (GMT). Information is shown in the upper right, or visit our contact page.