Balaton Property


Through Balaton Property we offer you the offers from our real estate agents from HungarianHouses, which is close to Balaton, but we also have nice offers a little further in Hungary.

On the west side we have nice offers in the region with Hévíz and Keszthely as the center. Of course it is known for Lake Balaton, but especially for the thermal bath (lake) in Hévíz. Also an environment where you can offer your (second) home for rental.

If we go a little south of Balaton, you will find a beautiful hilly area with many vineyards in the Siófok - Dombóvár - Kaposvár - Pécs region. A real piece of Hungary and not far from Lake Balaton and the larger cities. In this area we offer you homes for as little as Euro 25,000. Obviously not a villa like in Western Europe, but an excellent (second) home where you can live quickly.

If you go further south-west, we have excellent properties for competitive prices in the Marcali - Kaposvár - Nagykanisza area in the province of Somogy. Here you can buy excellent quality for not too much money in the small(er) villages.

Other areas.
In the "deep" southwest of Hungary, in the province of Baranya and in the Szigetvár - Barcs region, they offer you a nice offer. not far from the border with Croatia and well-affordable homes in a beautiful landscape. Look here for the offer in West Baranya.

All this west of Budapest. From Budapest, further to the Northeast we find the Northern mountains with beautiful nature, mountains and picturesque mountain villages. In winter there are also (limited) skiing options here.